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Ontdek de bijdrage van teledetectie aan tele-epidemiologie, met de projecten MULTITICK, BUSHTICK, TICKRISK, EPISTIS, EPIDEMOIST, SATHELLI et DYNMAP.

Download het onderdeel "Ziekten bestrijden vanuit de ruimte"

Ziekten bestrijden vanuit de ruimte

Meer informatie over de STEREO II projecten (Belgian Earth Observation Platform):

MULTITICK - Multiscale and multisensor modeling of the spatial distribution of tick-borne diseases

BUSHTICK - Changing farming, bush encroachment, and tick-borne disease risk in southern Norway 

TICKRISK - Assessing ecological suitability for the spread of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in West Africa

EPI STIS - Remote Sensing tools to study the EPIdemiology and Space/TIme DynamicS of diseases

EPIDEMOIST - Improving epidemiological modelling using satellite derived soil moisture proxies

SATHELLI - Synergy of very high resolution satellite and helicopter data for the spatio‐temporal characterisation of small water body dynamics

DYNMAP - Dynamic predictive mapping using multi-sensor data fusion - demonstration for malaria vector habitat


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