Rendering Geoeye-1 in orbit


GeoEye-1 is the commercial satellite providing the highest spatial resolution currently available, with a ground resolution of 0.41-meters in the panchromatic (black and white) mode and 1.65-meters in the multispectral (color) mode. However, GeoEye's operating license from the U.S. Government requires re-sampling the imagery to 0.5-meter for all customers not explicitly granted a waiver by the U.S. Government. These images with a very high spatial precision are used in a wide range of applications in many sectors of the commercial or public markets.

altitude: 681 km
inclination: 98 degrees
orbit: sun-synchronous polar
orbit period: 98 minutes
revisit time: < 3 days
swath width: 15,2 km

satellite : GeoEye-1 (06/09/2008 - operational)

GeoEye-1 sensor
This optical sensor can thus acquire panchromatic or multispectral data. The fusion of panchromatic and multispectral data provides color images with a resolution of 50 cm.

Spectral band
Panchromatic 0,45 - 0,80 µm 0,41 x 0,41 m

Spectral band
Multispectral 1 0,45 - 0,51 µm (blue) 1,65 x 1,65 m
  2 0,51 - 0,58 µm (green) 1,65 x 1,65 m
  3 0,655 - 0,69 µm (red) 1,65 x 1,65 m
  4 0,78 - 0,92 µm (near IR) 1,65 x 1,65 m

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Chicago Illinois, 0.5 meter resolution image taken by the Geoeye-1 satellite
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