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STEREO II Programme


Discover the projects financed by the Belgian Earth Observation Research Programme STEREO II

What's the link between the volcanoes in the Virunga Park, the orchards in the Valencia region, the city of Istanbul, the tropical forests of Sumatra, the pyramids of Egypt, the heathlands in the Belgian nature reserves, elephants in Kenya, jellyfish off the Irish coast, mosquitoes in Southeast Asia and locusts in the Sahel?

Each of them was the subject of research carried out in the frame of the Belgian remote sensing research programme STEREO II. Almost 300 researchers tried to get a better understanding of how our environment functions by using satellite and airborne data. Click and discover the 60 projects financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office during the programme's 8 year lifespan.

Download the final STEREO II publication in pdf by clicking on the image above. You can also discover the thematic chapters on A4 format by clicking on the images below.