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A World of Images

Science Education through Earth Observation for high Schools (SEOS) is an initiative for using remote sensing in science education curricula in high schools funded under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission (EC). Based on current research results, 15 internet-based eLearning tutorials are developed by 11 different partners from several European countries in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA).

The introductive module "A World of Images" is meant to provide an overview of the current usage of remote sensing so as to enthuse students about the capability of this technology for the management and maintenance of Earth resources. In close connection to the other modules, this module was constructed around a set of selected remote sensing applications to demonstrate the usefulness of different image types for different purposes from local to global scales.

Each application is presented on a one-screen basis where a central image acts as an "eye-catcher". Text is voluntarily kept concise; however an information button allows a short comment on the image to be displayed. Inside the image comment, a few links and questions lead to additional information pages and to the other SEOS modules.

The navigation was designed to be intuitive. The module opens with a short animation offering a flyby inside the solar system until reaching Earth. The animation ends on a screen covered with images' quicklooks leading to the different applications. Each quicklook pairs off with a stylised icon illustrating at a glance the issue covered by each remote sensing application. Furthermore, a menu organises the applications into 5 themes (air, water, land, climate and human impact).

A "teachers' corner" is also available. This section contains general information about the module, worksheets and quizzes for use in class as well as a list of class activities related to remote sensing and the various topics treated in "A World of Images".

The module has been tested in several European high schools. Teacher and pupils gave very enthusiastic feedback and their comments were used to improve the content of some pages and the navigation inside the module.

The SEOS modules are available in English, French, Dutch and other European languages.

Dicover the modules : www.seos-project.eu/modules