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A collective project without precedent

Since its creation, the European Union did not cease gathering countries around a common project based on the values of democracy, peace, development and solidarity.

In May 2004, with its ten new Members, the Union has become the largest political entity ever created voluntarily. Several candidate states could join this Europe which will perhaps extend someday from the Atlantic to the Ural.

Committed to a historical process without precedent, the European Union is in the process of giving birth to a new kind of State.

The Union members are gathered around a common cultural heritage in search of political and economic cohesion to speak with a single voice in the concert of the nations.

The diversity of the people, their cultures and their territories constitutes at the same time the greatest challenge and the greatest richness of this new Europe.

The creation and successive adhesions of the UE

1957 : the basis of the european construction is laid on 25 March 1957. Signing by the six ECSC signatory countries of the Treaties of Rome , establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom) and the European Economic Community (EEC).

1973 : First enlargement of the Community with the adherence of Denmark, Ireland and the United Kingdom; Europe of the Nine.

1981 : Greece joins the EEC. Now spoken of as Europe of the Ten.

1986 : Birth of Europe of the Twelve when Portugal and Spain join the Community. Ratification of the Single European Act, revising the Treaty of Rome and relaunching European integration.

1995 : Birth of Europe of the Fifteen with the adherence of Austria, Finland and Sweden. Entry into force of the Schengen Agreement (elimination of passport control at borders).

2004 : 2004 Integration of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. EU achieves greatest enlargement in its history and becomes, with its 25 members, the largest political entity formed voluntarily.

2007 : Bulgaria and Rumania should be integrated into the EU.

To get into further detail

The European Commission places at your disposal a series of publications (booklets, maps, CDRoms....): http://europa.eu/about-eu/basic-information/index_en.htm