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Play with Europe's capitals

The goal of this game is to position correctly all capital names on the satellite map of Europe (not only drag it to the corresponding country but drag it precisely to the exact location). For every capital well placed you get to see a Proba 1 or Spot 5 image of that city.

To be able to play the game you should either turn off pop-up blockers completely or add the url http://telsat.belspo.be to the list of allowed sites (I.E. see Tools/Pop-up Blocker/Pop-up Blocker Settings; FireFox see Tools/Options/Web Features).

Click on the image above to start.

If you have trouble placing some capital you can see the solution here (zoom on the image).

ESA's microsatellite Proba 1 has been in a polar orbit at 600km altitude since October 2001. Every since it delivers about 300 images of approximately 60 different places on Earth monthly. The satellite has two imaging instruments on-board: CHRIS (Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer) provides multispectral images of 14km frames with a resolution of 18m, HRC (High Resolution Camera) provides black & white images of 5km frames with a resolution of 10m.

The game allows you to download Proba 1 CHRIS, Proba 1 HRC as well as Spot 5 HRG imagery of Europe's capitals.

We request that you respect the conditions of use of these images as described in the following documents:
ESA Portal Multimedia Gallery Copyright Notice
SPOT image - Legal information


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