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BEO CD-Rom 'Belgian Earth Observation'


BEO is an interactive trilingual (Dutch, French and English) tool to introduce remote sensing. Developed by the Belgian science policy, it includes an encyclopaedic part and software which allows you to get familiar with a range of satellite image processing techniques.

1. Theory

Introducing Remote sensing
Basic principles of satellite remote sensing (Data acquisition, image processing, GIS,…), illustrated with many figures and animations.

Satellites and sensors and their images
Overview of the most important satellites and sensors, with information about characteristics and distributors, illustrated with satellite-specific images. Extra attention is paid towards weather satellites.

About 20 applications in 8 different study fields (Agriculture, Ecology and forestry, Humanitarian interventions, Applied meteorology, Marine environment, Regional and city planning, Environmental risks and Global monitoring) illustrate which information can be derived from satellite data.

Belgian research
Initiatives of the Belgian federal government in the field of remote sensing. An internet link towards the Telsat Guide provides you with information about research institutes.

2. BEO Interactive

BEO Interactive is an image processing software program in which you can manipulate satellite images yourself, on an independent base or guided by the exercises in BEO Basic and BEO Plus.

By the exercises in BEO Basic you are guided through the basic principles of remote sensing and you get acquainted with the different program functions.
The exercises in BEO Plus concern a geographical or environmental theme, here you learn about the importance of satellite imagery for a certain study field.

For more information, please contact the Earth Observation Helpdesk