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Last update: February 9, 2016
British National Space Learning zone

Animations and activities to suit different age groups, which help to understand the solar system and the exploration of space. The BNSC also has released the CD-ROMs "Window on the world", "Window on the UK" and "Window on the Universe" which can be obtained free on request, and which are linked to a website.

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Outreach Materials

A very complete set of tutorials and downloadable educational cases including 'Watching Over Our Planet From Space' aimed at getting pupils between 11 and 15 years old used to the monitoring of the environment from space.
Contains a brief introduction to remote sensing, 12 practical exercises and additional literature strewn with satellite imagery, photographs and illustrations. The students can become familiar with satellite images and understand how they can contribute to the monitoring of oil spills, fires, flood damage, mine wastes, logging and land use.

CEOS Earth Observation Handbook
The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Earth Observation Handbook 2012 presents the main capabilities of satellite Earth observations, their applications, and a systematic overview of present and planned CEOS agency Earth observation satellite missions and their instruments. This edition has been prepared especially in support of the Rio+20 Summit, to assist the debates around how to address sustainable development challenges and, in particular, the information we need to define and implement well-informed environmental policies and the conventions that support them.
COURSE - Colleagues Using Remote Sensing in Education
Eduspace - The European Earth Observation Web Site for Secondary Schools

This initiative of the association Eurisy seeks the introduction of Earth observation in highschools, by both theoretical and practical assistance to students and teachers. This website contains, classified by theme (Europe from space, planetary changes, the succession of natural disasters), ready-made images, projects (suggestions to study) and case studies (more extended depth studies). In addition the site also contains an introduction to remote sensing and the ability to download an image processing program.


Developed in collaboration with Disney/Pixar, this website give information on the 4 themes Our place in universe, Caring for the Earth, Life in Space and Exploration and Robots. The section KIDS is an easy way to find games, models to build, and funny things to try out. A section designed for teachers allows finding educational materials related to the 4 themes.

European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories Educational Resources

A selection of links to educational sites on remote sensing, arranged according to language and theme (tools and methods, the earth, oceans, atmosphere).

European Schoolnet

International network of more than 20 European education ministries. The website contains resources (Learning Resource Exchange for Schools), news, examples of methods and possibilities for cooperation.

ISS Education Kit on the web

The online version of the kit uses the specific functionality of the Internet (interactive exercises, multimedia) which offers teachers a new tool about space (exploration) that is adapted to 12 to 15 year olds.

Learn EO! Learn Earth Observation with ESA

Learn EO! is an Earth observation education project funded by the European Space Agency. Its aim is to increase the understanding of satellite data from ESA missions and show how these can be used to tackle environmental problems in the real world. The website provides data, software and hands-on lessons to teach image processing and analysis for different application areas. Beginner lessons are suitable for students at senior high school to early university level; advanced lessons are intended for more senior university level students.

Lectures Remote Sensing Basics
NASA Earth Observing System - Educational Publications

You can order a free and very nice set of posters: Air - Our Outer Atmosphere, Water - The Basis for Life, Land - Our Changing Earth et Ice - Global Ice & Snow (it is also possible to download a pdf version), and the CD-ROM “NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Educational”. There is also a large number of documents to be downloaded that illustrate the various applications of remote sensing, mostly in pdf format (for printing).

NASA - Earth Observatory : Remote Sensing

ISS EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students) is an educational program of the NASA addressing students, teachers, and the general public. In the core of the program is a collection of photographs of our planet taken from the spacecraft and the International Space Station.

NASA Remote Sensing Tutorial
Rainforest at the Crossroads lesson

Established in support of the 15th expedition of the JASON project in the tropical forest in Panama by NASA's Earth Observatory. This very well illustrated on-line courses provide the necessary basis for the understanding of the usefulness of remote sensing in the study of vegetation and the evolution of the vital ecosystem that the tropical forest is. A processing tool with on-line compound images allows the result of different combinations of spectral bands of a few selected images directly visible. Three ppt presentations are available: "Introduction to Remote Sensing ',' Leaf Reflectance 'and' The Human Eye."

Remote Sensing Core Curriculum
Science Education through Earth Observation for high Schools (SEOS)
  The SEOS project is an initiative for using remote sensing in science education curricula in high schools funded under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission (EC). The project is implemented by 11 partners from different European countries in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA). Based on current research results, 15 internet-based eLearning tutorials are developed on selected topics in earth observation. The tutorials are tested in co-operation with selected European partner schools.
Tutorials list - GeoImaging channel
A great number of links toward Earth imaging tutorials, classified by themes (cartography, classification, general remote sensing, radar...).
Weather, climate and water science for youth

This WMO (World Meteorological Organization) website dedicated to children and teens answers frequently asked questions about weather, climate and water. It is also a starting point to understand how these affect every aspect of our daily lives.

World Heritage in young hands - An educational resource kit for teacher's
The Kit, addressed to educators in the first instance, is designed to stimulate teachers' and students' imagination and creativity so as to further enrich the pedagogic approach to heritage preservation.