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Last update: February 9, 2016
ASTER's Satellite Image Gallery
A great number of Aster images onboard the Terra satellite, thematically classified (volcanos, cities, hydrology, geology, land occupation, glaciers, natural risks) and accompanied by explications.
Astrium (ex SPOT Image)Image gallery
Contains essentially SPOT images, but also optical or radar images from other satellites. You can perform a search by continent or by product. See also the images in the news.
DigitalGlobe Image Gallery

A gallery of recently acquired Quickbird images. Includes an interactive zoom as well as a download page ( tif and jpg formats). The Quickbird images have the highest resolution (61 cm in Panchromatique mode and 2.44 m in multispectral mode) currently available from a commercial satellite.

e-Geos (ex Eurimage) Image Gallery
Radar (Cosmo Skymed) and VHR Optical Imagery (Geoeye, Quickbird, Worldview).
Eurimage gallery: Quickbird, Landsat, Radar, IRS and IKONOS downloadable images. For full-resolution images, the ground resolution is given. Landsat images are classified by topics, and RGB Band combinations are given.
EROS Data Center Satellite products
ESA Earth Images
ESA proposes a collection of more than 1000 satellite images acquired by Envisat, Proba, Landsat, ERS, SPOT, Komsat and ALOS. Each image is available in full resolution and is provied with an informative file: location, comments, technical data...). See also the section Earth Watching.
Euromap examples

Examples of data sets taken by the tenth satellite of ISRO in IRS (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite ) series, IRS-P6 . Its sensors AWiFS, LISS-III and LISS-IV acquire multispectral data with 60 m, 23 m and 5.8 m resolution.

European Space Imaging Gallery
The Space Imaging Gallery provides a great number of IKONOS images ((one-meter resolution black-and-white image and four-meter resolution color image).
Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

This website hosts more than 549,288 astronaut photographs of the Earth from 1961 through the present. The database can be browsed throught a clickable map or with the help of a multiple fields search form.
And to have fun, try the quiz Where in the world is this ?

Geoeye Image Gallery
A selection of very high resolution images.
GeoGratis, an initiative of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing , is a web and file transfer protocol (ftp) site that distributes geospatial data of Canada. Here you can find vector mapping data available in scales ranging from 1:50 000 to 1:30 000 000, plus Radarsat, Landsat 5TM and Landsat 7 ETM+ coverage of Canada.
Google Earth
Landsat image gallery
A collection of Landsat images, including "Earth as Art" Landsat 7 scenes created for aesthetic purposes rather than for scientific interpretation. See also the Landsat.org Image Gallery.
MODIS Rapid Response System Image Gallery
Selected handcrafted RGB imagery from MODIS data in response to special events/opportunities. On the website "MODIS Land Surface Reflectance Science Computing Facility" you can download 500m resolution composites from large regions of the world.
NASA Image and Video Archive
This website combines for the first time 21 major NASA imagery collections into a single, searchable online ressource.
PROBA Images gallery
A selection of HRC and CHRIS images available in full resolution on the ESA multimedia gallery.
ScanEx Image Gallery
Scientific Visualization Studio
This website offers a great number of images and animations illustrating the different NASA progammes. The broached themes are therefore rather variated : city growth, antarctica, forest fires, El Niño...
Space Radar Images of the Earth
An impressionating collection of SIR-C/X-SAR radar images acquired during the 2 Endeavour missions and put into 9 categories. Each image is provied with a very complete description. There is also the possibility to download the images in full resolution.
University of Maryland Global Land Cover Facility
This website provides an interface to a free downloadable set of MODIS, Landsat ETM/TM/MSS, AVHRR and other datasets using a map interface.
A collection of images taken by the VEGETATION sensor of SPOT. Extracts from ten day global syntheses in full resolution (1km) are also available.
Visible Earth

An over 4000 images and animations database that can be browsed or searched by subject, satellite/sensor type or location. For each image a technical description and a detailed explanation is given.