The website EOEdu observing our planet is an initiative of the Earth observation research programme from the Belgian Science Policy Office. It aims at discovering remote sensing (processes of satellite data acquisition, image processing and analysis) and its various applications, particularly through the financed research projects.

Martine Stélandre, Joost Vandenabeele, Pieter Rottiers and Jean-Christoph Schyns (Belgian Science Policy).

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Editorial Board
Yves Baudot (Nadar)
Mieke Lateir, Martine Stélandre, Dalewijn Sammy, Jean Moxhet (EODesk, Belgian Science Policy)
Joost Vandenabeele, Brigitte Decadt (Belgian Science Policy)
Günther Schietecat (RMI)
Philippe De Maeyer, Trees Ongena, Beata De Vliegher, Rudi Goossens, Joris De Man (Department of Geography, RUG)
For the applications, see teams

Mieke Lateir, Joost Vandenabeele (Belgian Science Policy)

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De Schutter Group, Dep. Digital Media
Willem De Schrijver
Martin Devos
Steven Langeraert
Jim Michels

Graphical design and animations
Jim Michels (Artropoda)

Agnès Feltkamp, Monique Foret, Gabrielle Leyden, John Blazek, Martin Clissold, Thierry Lambinet, Vinciane Vandebotermet (Missing Link)

Trees Ongena, Jozef Rouffart, Luc Antonissen, Pierre Burny, Oger Colson, Guy Denies, Jacques Denies, Guy Fox, Luc Henau, Michel Meylemans, Hugo Miguet, Catherine Nys, Jean-Pierre Oury, Rudy Rydant, Luc Schalk, Xavier Tercelin de Joigny, Georges Thibaut, Pascal Van Ghelue, Stan Verbaenen, Pierre Volpe, Luc Zwartjes (Belgian teachers)
Virni Budi Arifanti (RUG)
Geert Claeys (Belgian Science Policy)
Anne Depauw (Belgian Science Policy)
Sandra Van Roy (Belgian Science Policy)
Helga Vermeulen (Department of Geography, RUG)
Martin Shelley (BNSC)
Michel Van Baal (Estec)
Arjen Wielemaker (Noordwijk Space Expo)

Pictures and figures
• ESA (Introducing remote sensing)
• Jeulin (Animation 'Getting into orbit')
• Lopstick Lodge and Cabins (Application 'Game management')
• UNHCR, TamilNet 2000 (Introduction 'Humanitarian Interventions')
• ESA (Application "Ozone")
• Drawings and photographs of Satellites and Sensors: National Reconnaissance Office (Corona), Sovinformsputnik (Cosmos), ESA (Envisat), Space Imaging (Ikonos), NASDA (Adeos, JERS), USGS and NASA (Landsat), ESTEC (METEOSAT), Portsmouth Campus Department of Physics (NOAA), Orbimage (Orbview), Radarsat (Radarsat International), National Land Survey of Finland (Resurs 01), Encyclopedia Astronautica - Oliver Haßa (Resurs F), CNES (Spot), NASA (Nimbus7, Meteor3, Earthprobe)